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The Sitdown w/ Mike Recine

Dec 11, 2019

"McKinsey". "Management Consulting." "Saudi Arabia." "Mayor". You might have heard these words in the news lately, but what do they really mean? Maylin and I took a deep dive into who McKinsey is and what they do. We looked into their business practices, their deals with Saudi Arabia, their work with ICE, and a...

Dec 4, 2019

Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House joins us to share his take on The Irishman. The audio should be fixed on this one. Thanks. 

Dec 4, 2019

Well guys you asked for it and here it is. Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House joins us for a review of The Irishman. Very bright guy, folks. Huge brain. The best. Hope you enjoy. 

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Nov 27, 2019

Anthony DeVito (Colbert, Comedy Central) comes in to promote his one-man show that you can see in early December at The Creek and the Cave. We can't really go into detail but let's just say it fits the theme of the show. We discuss New Jersey, being Italian, Catholicism, and what the beginning of a race war would...

Nov 23, 2019

Here's a quick little story about a guy who got canned from his moving job for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It's also about bosses, dealing with anger, making a living in this cold world, and how to let things go. Hope you enjoy and please consider kicking me a few bucks on Patreon. Thanks, guys.