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The Sitdown w/ Mike Recine

Sep 23, 2020

On today's episode I am joined by my lawyer friend Lee to discuss scumbag landlords, evictions, and the evils of our modern gig economy and our obsession with "side hustles." 

Sep 17, 2020

Hey guys. Deb and I are getting married Friday. Wanted to say thank you for the support. 

Sep 11, 2020

What's up guys? Are you or anyone you know moving to or from NYC? Have me do it! Right now I'm specializing in long-distance jobs and would love to help you out. 

Sep 11, 2020

Here's a clip of what we're doing on Patreon folks. Five dollars a month, show every day. 

Sep 9, 2020

On today's episode comedian Hanna Dickinson and I talk about conspiracy theories. Do people have a tendency to connect dots that aren't there, or are we not skeptical enough of those in power? Then we take a look at the death of Princess Diana and review some of the details of the night she died. Is the Queen gonna...